Historians speak at Highlands Chamber

Historians who were present at the Chamber Luncheon included Gary Wiggins

HIGHLANDS– Chamber of Commerce members were thrilled to have as featured speaker at their monthly luncheon, the great grandson of Texas hero Sam Houston.
This was Sam Houston IV, who entertained the large crowd at the San Jacinto Community Center with stories of his youth, and the fables that followed members of his family over the years.

Unlike his father, and greatgrandfather, all named Sam Houston, this one spent his life as a salesman for U.S. Steel, and his historical background extends as far as being past president of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.
Houston was an entertaining speaker, but surprised the audience by spending his time telling tales of his father, a horse cavalry soldier in WWI, and a professional polo player who along with Will Rogers son, won the national championship and the so-named Will Rogers cup.
Part of the message of Houston’s stories, was the importance of knowing and honoring our history.
Sam Houston III, his son mentioned, is buried in the memorial cemetery at the San Jacinto Battleground.
Another historical story related at the meeting was the acquisition by Highland’s Gary Wiggins of an original 19th century flintlock musket from the battle of San Jacinto.
This Escopedo Musket, made in Britain prior to 1812, has the Mexican Seal on it so it was obviously captured in the battle.
Wiggins said that only 12 of these now are known to exist, although it is thought that 600 were captured during the battle. He indicated that this gun will be a centerpiece of the proposed Heritage Museum in Highlands.
After the meeting, admirers asked for autographs from Sam Houston IV, in recognition of his long family history.