Palais Royal marks discovery of Crosby

The recent announcement that Palais Royal is locating in Crosby hit me in a couple of ways. First, I remember well the rumors that circulated around town last year during my visit. I did some checking at that time and found many willing to spread the rumor, hoping to make it happen, but nothing that would substantiate its arrival. I was a little surprised that after twelve months or more the rumors about town proved to be correct.

Second, the move of Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. While it was an improvement, the building it vacated left a large hole along 2100. Seeing that large vacant space for the first time reminded me of a celestial “black hole” in the midst of many new stars. As I entered town this January and drove along the highway I reacted with, “it’s still there,” referring to that vacant spot.
I think the addition of this department store chain to the Crosby area will be a big boost to the area. As large a boost as Wal-Mart you ask? I believe more so. Wal-Mart made a difference in the shopping habits of local residents but I think Palais Royal’s appearance will be even larger.
Why? To me this will be the beginning of a trend. As I have heard many of you say, “Someday Houston will discover Crosby!” and I think Palais Royal is the Columbus of that discovery. It should be, and I hope will be, the catalyst that begins a number of moves of department stores to this area. It may also bring a number of other types of stores here as well.
I also believe Palais Royal fills a Crosby shopping need. There is nothing like it here now and may there be more!
When contacted by the Star-Courier for a reaction to the Palais Royal announcement, the first word out of his mouth of Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce President, Steve Coon, was “awesome.” He went on to give a more formal quote of his reaction to the addition but I believe “awesome,” says it all. I couldn’t agree more.
I’m a small town boy generally and the small town side of Crosby is vanishing quickly. There is a sadness to that, of course, but sitting as close to Houston as it does, with Houston and Harris County growing as it is, we could expect no less. The country side of Crosby is gone, city life here we come!
Such are the people, places, and things that have touched my life in my home!