Getting around…

Had a fellow offer a stick of wood from a Catawba tree for use as a walking cane. I said thank you sir. We had a Catawba tree out near the Chattahoochee River back when. Dad would stop by and get gobs of the worms for fishing. As a chap they were nasty, yucky.
Google says the heartwood of the Catawba is used for fence post and rails, so it should make do for a walking cane.
Google also says the tree is named by injuns and they smoked the bean pods for a hallucinogenic effect thus the tree became known as the Indian Cigar Tree, Indian bean and smoking bean.

Anyway the cane top is going to be a chrome knob from a horse hame.
Gonna need a walking cane the way I been going lately. Plum wore out.
Had a wreck last weekend and been stove up ever since. Ought to have enough sense to stay off scooters or itÕll be the death of me yet as this one didnÕt even have a motor.
One of the granddaughters spent last weekend with us and wanted to ride one of the scooters stored out in the shed. SheÕs got her grandma wrapped around her little finger so out to the shed goes the Mrs. She picked out the scooter with tires that needed to be blown up.
Sure enough the tires are flat and IÕm called to the rescue to blow up the tires.
Granddaughter asked me to come fix the scooter and she was asked why. She says, ÒI said pleaseÓ.
Guess that translates into now.
Little Bit donÕt weigh more than a sack of potatoes so I blowed the tire up enough to do her.
She wasnÕt doing well with the scooter and I said here, let me show you. Big mistake oh Lordy.
This particular scooter came from Intercourse, Pennsylvania and you see Amish men scooting down and around town on them.
I take holt of the bar and give it a good scoot. With all my weight the scooter stopped quicker than I realized and over I go, all of me.
Went from leaning left to right to real quick, down and around. Fortunately I twisted, land on my right shoulder, driving pain and agony to my rib cage. No bounce to the ounce, I guarantee it!
Got up looking around to see if anybody was looking.
Said to the Mrs., scooters No Mas!
Rotary Chili Feast this weekend, best case of indigestion you ever had and worth it.