Highlands native sets Women’s bass fishing records

Juanita Robinson set a three-day record with a total weight of 56 pounds

Juanita Robinson, 57, set two Women’s records during the Mercury Marine Women’s Bassmaster Tour’s season opener in Lake Amistad (Del Rio, TX). It was the first champion win for the Highlands native who began bass fishing with her husband in the 80s.
At the beginning of the third and final day of the tournament, Robinson was in eighth place with a two-day total of 30 pounds, 8 ounces. She trailed the leader by 8 pounds, 2 ounces, but by the end of the day she had caught five additional fish for a one-day total of 26 pounds, thus setting both the women’s single-day and three-day records. Her three-day total of 56 pounds, 8 ounces beat the record set last April by more than 23 pounds.

“It’s wonderful to catch 56 pounds. I’ve never caught 26 pounds by myself.” Robinson said.
On February 10th,Juanita Robinson took home a crystal trophy, $1,000 from Purolator for weighing in the biggest bass of the day, as well as a Triton/Mercury rig valued at $50,000. She will also be featured in next month’s “Field and Stream” magazine.
When asked what she would do with her trophy, Robinson looked at it and joked, “I’ll probably sleep with it tonight.”
Robinson will next compete in the Women’s Bassmaster Tour Championship on Alabama’s Lake Mitchell on Feb. 22-24.
“I’m going to go to Alabama and win that sucker too,” Robinson said. “Last week was a dream come true but it was just the beginning.”