Hendrix: A gentleman and scholar

Crosby will soon be losing one of its fine Civil Servants. According to the lead article in last week’s Star-Courier, Dr. Don Hendrix will be retiring as superintendent of the Crosby ISD. He has served in that position for the past twenty-one years.
Certainly I did not know Hendrix as well as most of you in the Crosby area. I have been in his office on three occasions—twice in early 2006 and once about two weeks ago. We have had a few telephone contacts as well. I was impressed during my contacts with this man. He was not only well versed in his responsibilities as a school executive but was a fine gentleman as well.

During my first visit to his office last year while working on a story for the Star-Courier, he found I was a visitor to the area, and invited me to go for a ride with him. He spent more time with me than he probably could afford and certainly more than I deserved. As we went from one ISD school site to another site he kept talking about what he saw in the past, present and future of the Crosby school system.
This was a pleasant and informative trip that I will long remember. I believe Crosby will be losing one of its fine school leaders when he steps down in just a few months. He has spent 43 years as an educator in Texas schools.
In last week’s Star-Courier article Hendrix was quoted as saying past opportunities had taught him that academic success is not dependent on the wealth of the district but by parent involvement and by motivating the students. Good insight from a man who during his career has served with students from poorer school districts as well as far wealthier ones such as the Alamo Heights District at San Antonio. School administrators sometimes try to throw money at problems rather than additional brain power and initiative.
Now the board has set in motion the process of hiring a replacement. That will not be easy. But, it will be accomplished and the new superintendent will set about to complete some of the projects Dr. Hendrix put in motion and will establish some goals of his/her own. We wish the new superintendent well and feel certain the new retiree will do the same.
Crosby ISD Board President, Sheryl Shaw, said Hendrix would be remembered for his leadership in promoting academic excellence at all levels of the district. I’m certain that is true. Although our relationship has been brief I will remember him as a helpful friend.
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!
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