Joseph chosen new Crosby School superintendent


CROSBY – Obviously the local school board knows a good man when they have had years to evaluate him; Mike Joseph was elected Superintendent of Crosby ISD at the school board meeting on April 23.
Dr. Don Hendrix retires on July 1 and will be helping guide the Superintendent elect with 21 years of experience. “I’ve always made decisions based on what was best for the school district,” said Hendrix wrapping his contribution in one sentence.
Mike Joseph has been with the Crosby Independent School District for twenty three years. He taught eighth grade Math for eleven years at Crosby Middle School. He was principle of Newport Elementary for ten years. This is the end of his second year as Assistant Superintendent.

“I am excited, honored and I am humbled. Crosby is a great place. It’s got a super staff, and a supportive board. My goal is to take the things we do and make them go better, go to the next level. Probably in the next few weeks I’ll be meeting with all the directors, all the principals to talk with them about a few things. What are we doing well and want to continue to keep doing. What are some things we might want to continue to improve. When the test scores come in we will look at them and use data to drive our decisions but we are going to do everything we can to maximize the achievements for all our kids. ”
It takes little powers of observation to note that Joseph has the best interests of the community at heart. Casual observation would assert that he views the tasks before him as a service business with the students as the customers.
After his election to office Joseph told the board that his goal would be to continue the successful academic achievements of Dr. Hendrix.
Joseph graduated from Edinburgh University in Edinburgh Pennsylvania and achieved a Management Degree from the University of Houston Clear Lake.
On Monday, the Crosby ISD board approved a $133,000 per year, three year contract.