Armored car guard killed in accident

DAYTON—An armored car guard was killed Tuesday when the vehicle in which she was riding overturned on Highway 146, south of Dayton.
According to Dayton Police, a vehicle from AT Systems was travelling northbound around 1 p.m. As the vehicle approached FM 1413 a southbound vehicle began top passed close to the armored car. Investigators say that the AT Systems driver, Jose Alaniz, move the vehicle closer to the right side of the road. When a rear wheel hit the soft shoulder Alaniz attempted to correct the vehicle, however he overcompensated sending the vehicle across the centerline.
The armored car struck the other shoulder and went into the ditch, rolling over onto its top.
When medics arrived they found Alaniz, shaken but not injured. A guard in the back of the vehicle was not so lucky.
Katinal Brown suffered critical injuries in the accident.
Memorial-Hermann Hospital’s Life Flight Air Ambulance was called to the scene. Originally a landing zone was set up near the accident scene, however medics decided that due to her condition she needed to be transported to Liberty-Dayton Community Hospital. Ground transport took to a grassy area behind Brookshire Brothers grocery in Dayton, where she was transferred to Life Flight.
A spokesperson for Memorial-Hermann said that Brown later died from injuries sustained.
Throughout the investigation, police from Dayton created a perimeter around the armored car to protect money and weapons inside until a second vehicle from AT Systems could arrive.
Police say they don’t believe the actions of the other car was an intentional attack on the vehicle.