Graduation held for area high schools

This weekend, students across the area will make that final walk as they graduate from high school.
Barbers Hill will hold commencement on May 26 at Eagle Stadium, beginning at 8 p.m.
This year’s valedictorian is Brian Bender. Salutatorian is John Oranger.
Also making the top 10 were Ashley Rodriguez, 3; Cameron Campbell, 4; Jill Robertson, 5; Leslie Browder, 6; Michak Moore, 7; Ben Farmer, 8; Chase berrera, 9 and Sarah Marshall, 10.
Dayton Bronco fans will travel to Beaumont for commencement on May 26. The ceremony will be held at Montagne Center on the Lamar University campus at 3 p.m.
The top 10 of 2007 are Amy Clanton, valedictorian; Matthew Broyles salutatorian; Brenna Spence, 3; Jonathan Levi Tatum, 4; Jason Heilig, 5; Randi Kay Riley, 6; Jacob Barnes, 7; Jennifer Taylor, 8; Lena Meadows, 91 and Leslie Sutton, 10.
The Sterling High Class of 2007 will graduate on May 26 at Stallworth Stadium at 8 a.m.
The class’s top 10 are Eugene Martir, valedictorian; Alyssa Linares, saluatorian; Joshua Jagnanan, 3; Kari Whatley, 4; Thakur Jaini, 5; Azka Ashraf, 6; Lisa Cercaldo, 7; Paula Dancel, 8; Auusten Oliver, 9 and Lauren Adams, 10.
Commencement for Ross S. Sterling High School will be on May 26, beginning at 6 p.m.
To ensure the safety of graduates and audience members and maintain the dignity of the occasion, GCCISD has compiled a list of items that will not be permitted at Stallworth Stadium during the upcoming Lee and Sterling graduations.
Among the items that will be prohibited inside the stadium are balloons, weapons or firearms, air horns/whistles or other noisemakers, coolers or containers, fireworks or explosives, illegal substances, Frisbees and beach balls, laser pens, or knives of any size, including Leatherman’s and multi-purpose tools.