A meal fit for a queen

Had our first tomato samiches of the year this weekend, ‘Twas good too.
Read with interest about Queen Elizabeth II visiting President Bush in Washington and having dinner. It was one of those hoity toity events where you would never find my presence.
Not high on the social scale and the menu was not one to my choosing should she come to the little house on Goose Creek. The menu included: Spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender. Bet she hasn’t been served pot liquor with cornbread.
Chive pizzelle with American caviar; yuck! I’d do some chicken livers with a sliver of jalapeno and wrapped in bacon with Kraft BBQ sauce. Some would say yuck to that.
A bottle of Chardonnay Unfiltered 2004; that’s wine for those of you who don’t take a snort.
Dover sole almodine. Wonder if she has ever had crappie filets (fried)?

Roasted artichokes, pequillo peppers and olives. That’s something I’d try just to see how tis.
Saddle of spring lamb Chanterelle sauce. Don’t like lamb or anything to do with it. Nasty stuff indeed.
Fricassee of baby vegetables which is a fancy name for cutting something in pieces and stewing it in gravy.
Peter Michael Les Pavots 2003, that’s a $200 bottle of wine which the President didn’t touch.
Argula, Savanna mustard & mint romaine. Had to Google that and it’s a lettuce type product that in Roman times was considered an aphrodisiac.
Champagne dressing, trio of farmhouse cheeses; wonder who cut the cheese?
Rose Blossoms; wonder if you are supposed to eat them or look at them?
Schrambert Trute Rose 2004; Ahh another snort before heading back to the house.
The dinner was a white tie event with guests seated at 13 tables.
I’m sure they all enjoyed the dinner and wondered what was for desert as none was mentioned on the menu; maybe it was that last sip of wine.
Somebody once told me, you take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of him.