Crosby VFD’s Bronto does it all

Crosby VFD received the Emergency Service Bronto 114 foot Ladder with Shawn Russi

CROSBY – The local volunteer fire dept. has a new truck that can put firefighters where ever they need to be for rescue, and contain chemical and house fires with foam and water.
The 114 Foot Bronto Aerial Platform Truck, made by Emergency One, first arrived here May 14 and may be in service as early as July 4 once the crews have been trained for it and all forms of new equipment have been added.
According to Chief Alan Kulak, “The manufacturer will send out trainers to help us do extensive training in order to certify my people to be qualified to operate it.”
According to Russell White, “The capabilities of this truck is going to increase our capabilities immensely. You’d be amazed at the stability even at the elevated heights which is very helpful in rescue situations. The hose mounts on the platform are capable of spraying 2000 gallons per minute and the air tanks on the arms provide air to firefighters on the platform when fighting fires inside the smoke or fumes.”

Chief Kulak stated, “I did an assessment of the district, we have an estimated hundred plus buildings here or coming that we would need this truck to use on: the new church complex, the high school, the middle school, the new Wal-Mart, two chemical plants. In fact the chemical plants help to fund the foam system; KMCO and Arkema contributed $5500 went 50 – 50% to pay for that system in case they had a fire at their facilities. This truck is going to come in handy if we have to rescue from office buildings, hotels or two plus story buildings. ”
Randy Foster of Harris County ESD#80 board indicates, “A lot of study went into determining what would best suit the needs of this community and we determined this truck will best meet our communities needs now and into the future. This is the only truck of its kind in southeast Texas”
“In our last ISO audit (that provides our protection classification,) we were just on the borderline of needing a new ladder truck and actually exceeded the need with the new high school the Super Wal-Mart, Mount Rose Church in Barrett Station that put us over the limit for a standard ladder. This truck can handle those buildings. Hopefully, with this truck and some changes we are planning in the future we can get our ISO classification even lower once they come out and re-audit us. Every time we make improvements they re-audit us.”