Snake sighting on the backporch

Have to pull duty on Saturdays from 0900 to 1200 every month or so. Yesterday was one of those Saturdays.
Just before noon, the Mrs. called and said there was a snake on the back porch under the shed. The snake was wrapped around the post, apparently trying to climb up and get a bird.
The snake crawled under the lawnmower and the Mrs. wanted me to know so I could get it when I came home.
Well, no snake and I walked around the yard as well. Also went out this morning several times meandering slowly with shovel in hand snake hunting.
The Mrs. had no idea what kind of snake it was, except it was about four feet long, brown and yellow looking; sounds like a water snake to me.

There were some king snakes outback and if that is what this one is, it is welcome as long as it stays out of sight and out of the garden.
Hate the thought of reaching into a tomato vine for a tomato and that thing crosses my hand or arm.
Went over to the gardening guru’s house last week and admired his garden. It’s a sight to see. He said he doesn’t do anything special to his tomatoes except a little cotton burr compost and water on occasion. He did mention you have to pinch off suckers everyday.
His garden is like looking at something on a television show. Why if Oprah had a gardening spot on her show, I’d recommend this gent’s garden for it is simply a pleasure to see and admire. It is amazing what a little TLC will do with dirt.
Just a reminder, postage goes up May 14th to 41 cents for first class.
Two days last week, we received somebody else’s mail for two days in a row. Don’t know where our mail went and it is not here yet. You think my creditors will believe me when I say I didn’t get a statement?