Otto named to legislative Hall of Fame

John Otto

DAYTON— State Representative John Otto (R-Dayton) this week announced he has been named by the Texas Association of Realtors Legislative Management Team to their “2007 Legislative Hall of Fame.”
The letter from Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Mark Lehman, said in part, “This honor is bestowed to key legislators who demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to championing the rights of homeowners during the previous legislative session.” The letter goes on to thank Otto for his “leadership and dedication to protecting the rights of homeowners and, indeed, all private-property owners in Texas.”
“I am honored to be named to the 2007 Hall of Fame by the Texas Association of Realtors,” said Otto. “I believe the legislature should do all that it can to slow the rate of increase in property taxes, including both appraisal and rate increases.”
“Helping to establish an economic atmosphere that makes home and property ownership possible, and then protecting their rights as owners, is a top priority of mine.”

The driving force behind this recent honor was Otto’s comprehensive work this session protecting homeowners and taxpayers on the important issues of appraisal reform, private property rights, and eminent domain.
On Sept. 9, Otto will address the Texas Association of Realtors at their Annual Convention in Galveston, Texas, to discuss his thoughts on where Texas may be headed with property tax and appraisal reform. The convention will draw its largest crowd ever, with attendance expected to be between 1,500 and 1,600 people.
The “2007 Hall of Fame” honor appeared in the July issue of Texas REALTOR magazine, which was mailed to over 90,000 real estate professionals in Texas.