Political primaries are coming too soon

Politics: I don’t know why I even bother as it upsets me each time I get involved or discuss most political matters. This past weekend I read a column in one of the local dailies written by Susan Estrich, a syndicated columnist and sometimes panelist on one or more of the 24-hour TV news networks.
If Estrich would write 100 columns I might agree with her on one. One hundred to one is probably good odds. She is far too liberal for me—a dedicated conservative. Most of the time I don’t even bother to read her stuff or listen on TV.
I hit the 100-1 odds however with her most recent offering. She was writing about the insaneness of us, on a national basis, running presidential campaigns almost constantly. She is attacking our present national sickness of having presidential primaries so far in advance. I noticed in this morning’s Monday’s paper Wisconsin’s Tommy Thompson has already withdrawn his name because of a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses. And, one of the former front-runners, John McCain, appears to be on the ropes. Their positions are not the issue, money is.

Whether your favorite is Thompson, McCain or another is not the point. The point is why are we going through all of this so far in advance. The presidential primaries are getting so far in advance of the election date Estrich wonders if Christmas 2007 might find Santa Claus as a candidate? Answer, only if the elves can raise a few million. She says we are moving in the direction of the insane. To me we are already there.
Certain things are issues now, with the election 15 or so months away one wonders if these issues will be the same then? Are we asking questions and getting responses to certain things that will long be forgotten by then?
It has been said months ago that a candidate can’t win unless he/she announces early. Why? Because one must get commitments and raise funds. One without funds cannot carry on a winning campaign. Oh, to the mighty $$$!
Estrich noted that the public is not really interested now and by the time of elections the candidates will be tired and scripted. I worry about one larger step. Maybe by the time the general public gets involved the candidates will have already been chosen! All of this bothers me; it bothers me a lot!
I’ll “bet yah” my presidential primary is before yours, or theirs or the other guys!
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home!
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