The School of Hard Knocks

Back in the sixties yours truly graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. In continuing my education, I attend classes several times a year or so it seems with the knots, scars, and bumps to prove it. You go to classes too?
Google’s Wikipedia describes School of Hard Knocks as an idiomatic phrase meaning the (sometimes painful) education one gets from life and wisdom imparted by life experience.
The older you get the smarter you get or that is the way it’s supposed to happen anyhow.
Walked out on the back porch under the cover and felt like water dripped on the back of my hair do. Wiped at it and felt nothing but did feel what came next.
A yellow jacket got me above the right eyebrow; felt like I got shot with a flaming arrow and hurt all mighty. Knocked my glasses off swinging and swatting at whatever it was.
Looked in the mirror after a bit, looked like a tap from a ball-peen hammer, felt as bad too.

Of course, I already knew to stay away from a yellow jackets nest but this was a surprise attack and it cost them.
Yellow jackets generally are local wasp building the smaller nest around your house and in the ground.
Hornets are wasp too but generally nest out in the woods in the hollow of a tree or hanging from a tree in the huge nest.
If you ever been popped or stung by one of them, you surely remember the occasion.
This is the time of year for the wasp as they are most plentiful in the back and front yard around the house. Did some hunting with a can of the long spraying wasp stuff yesterday got five and it was in the heat of the day.
One really should wait till it’s getting close to dark to go after wasp. Be sure to have your running shoes on too.
Back when I was a dumb little boy in Georgia, my neighbor dummy and I were in the storage area out back of the house where potatoes and onions were kept on the shelves. We proceeded to chunk potatoes at a fairly large nest up in the corner.
They got both of us and fly out of there we did and hollering to all get out.
My mother came out to see what all the hollering was about, soon to find out what happened.
We both got daubed with snuff over the stings. It is suppose to draw out the poison and get your mind off the sting with all that spit on you.
How many of us have to learn the hard way?