Going to the doctor…

Been seeing more doctors than the law should allow lately; part of getting old and wore out.
Five appointments this month alone; I have seen as many as one or two a day for a whole week.
You don’t think my insurance company ain’t squealing like a cut hog?
Don’t particularly like going to the doctors’ offices. Number one they are full of old and sick people. Besides that, it makes me hurt to look at some of them and then there are people who like to cough and hack on everybody in the office.
I told one receptionist over the phone that I wanted to get in quick without having to be around all those old sick people because they make me hurt knowing I ain’t that far behind them.
Number two reason for not liking to go to doctors’ offices is the amount of time one has to wait to see the MD. Came close to walking out of the exam room Friday. A fellow can only take so much and besides, my time is worth something. Hey, I’m the one paying; me and the insurance company.

My appointment was at one o’clock. I was in the doctor’s office at 12:27 and being the first one after lunch, figured I’d be in and out in a jiffy this time.
Wrong as I’d ever been on that. The number three patient to be called to come on back was me but that’s ok, I sat watching the TV so I wouldn’t have to look at the bad off patients. That was 1:12. I sat in the chair with the equipment all around for over thirty minutes waiting on the doctor to come look at me.
Finally the doc shows up and immediately apologizes saying he had been on the phone with a doctor who had worked there and had moved to Florida; having problems, he was bending the doctor’s ear on my time.
Long story short, this is not the first timely issue I’ve had with this same doctor, the Mrs. had her appointment cancelled with him previously as I have as well.
I’ll be inquiring about another doctor this next week or so.
Life and time is much too short to put up with such bull malarkey.
Doctors are like lawyers and bankers, there are better ones out there, and you just gotta find them. Word of mouth is the method I prefer.
Does your doctor keep you waiting for what seems like forever too?
When I have to go to the neurologist and make my next appointment, I’ll inquire if the doc has hospital duty that day and if so, I schedule another day. They’ll leave you sitting and waiting while they go to the hospital for something or somebody.
Say, would you believe Christmas is less than two months away? Already got my Christmas shopping done, got everybody the same thing I got them last year.