The right word makes the difference

Are you as tired as I am of listening about all of the sub prime loan problems? Those big banks should have sharpened their pencils instead of rubbing a crystal ball loaded with dollar signs. It keeps on and on and on, enough already.
You know you learn something every day and I learned a new word this morning.
While looking through the big city paper REAL ESTATE section, there was an eight million dollar house for sale over in the big city. The description of this high dollar six holer house besides the 6 bedrooms, wine cellar, carriage house and pool included a loggia.
Never heard of a loggia so GOOGLE was utilized to find out what a loggia is. GOOGLE says it’s “An open-sided, roofed or vaulted gallery”.

By crackie that ain’t nothing more than a porch but reckon that sounds more uppity than the word porch and I’ll bet’cha it doesn’t have a swang.
Maybe we can get a place similar to that when my ship comes in. I know the Mrs. would get mad if I stocked the pool with white perch.
Have been called tight before, but yesterday, my old friend in Wilmington, NC said I was cheap. Inquiring what he meant he went on to say it again “You are cheap”.
Adding, he said rather than go out to eat; you just go to the store and buy it, take it home and fix it. You save a lot of money that way but not like us, we are lazy so we go out to eat.
Never thought being called “cheap” could be meant as compliment.
One of our twins flew into town (from Pennsylvania) over the weekend. He took a test Saturday seeking employment with Exxon but told him not to hold his breath. Of course he likes these fall trips down to Texas so he can load up on canned goods to take back.
Slipped a ringer in on him with all the chowchow he took back. One jar had a T on top indicating Tabasco Peppers and a whole lot of them in the batch. That should help keep him warm when he is out shoveling snow; time will tell.
The twin works for a plant in York, Pennsylvania that makes plastic bottles for large companies. He said the security guard at the plant is from Highlands, Texas so he picked up a copy of the STAR COURIER to take back to the gentleman. Small world, eh?