Making a list…

Looks like Brer Possum done come back ‘cause he left his marking on the back porch last night while grazing on the sunflower seeds. The Mrs. says it’s one of the “chillens” because she saw it walk in front of the sliding glass door last nite.
By the size of the markings, I’d say there was a Momma too. Big or little, it’s going for a ride in the morning to where the rich folks stays. They can enjoy Christmas there.
Speaking of Christmas, you finish your shopping yet?
Sent out 33 emails to friends and acquaintances asking what they planned to get their significant other for Christmas. Out of that, there were 13 replies although some should not be put into print, but you know me.
One reply was: The only thing he wants is a Hummingbird fish finder as his is broken. So guess that’s what he will get. what are you getting yours?
Second reply was: nada

Third was: Haven’t a clue?  Any suggestions?
What are you getting your SO ?
Fourth was: We just bought ourselves a new mattress for Christmas.   I will get him a new radar detector, a ladder for his boat and a new flight bag.  Why, you got some more ideas?
Fifth was: Well, it was a picture similar to what was left on the back porch this morning, enough said.
Sixth was: A Rabbit
Seventh was: I don’t have a significant other….
Eighth was: My significant other is not significant anymore.  We are separated.
But may I suggest something personal that only that person can enjoy. 
Clothing and accessories present a size, style, and taste problem. (jewlery?, a beautiful broach?, an exquisit cameo?, a nice watch?) something unique, something personal.
Ninth was: Probably the same as last year…use your imagination.
Tenth was: I just found this email in my “junk email” folder. I’m not sure why that happens sometimes. This one didn’t even have attachments to it.
Anyway….I am getting him a GPS tracker.
Eleventh was: A sack of Cole! With this I responded if he meant Coal and he replied it was his last name…duh
Twelfth: Took the wife shopping (on a whim) in the ladies’ clothing section of the Base Exchange, and she picked out some nice things for herself and then announced that what she’d purchased was her Christmas things.  Now truth be told, I’ll probably buy her something else like a box of candy or some other small doodad, but it’s a “she’s happy, I’m happy” kinda thing. 
Last but not least: Have not decided yet.  We are talking about getting something together and including our anniversary gift.  Like redoing our downstairs to make a home theater complete with BIG TV and plush movie theater type rocking chairs or recliners.  Need a real popcorn machine to make it complete.  Maybe a ticket booth if any friends try to join us.