Chilly Chili

A city on the west coast has instituted a tax in excess of twenty-five cents on each plastic bag utilized. Sounds excessive but something needs to be done for this country has plastic trash all over the place.
Whole Foods is going plastic free and encourages reusable bags instead. They have 270 stores so the push is on.
Can you imagine what it would cost Wal-Mart to get rid of it’s bags and those carousels that hold the bags?
The Mrs. comments that it’s not the plastic bags, it’s the folks who litter. One of her main pet peeves – littering.
Uncle JC out in Big Spring, TX said once while we were riding the roads, “There’s a blue Wal-Mart bag on every barb of that fence.” Sure enough, there were numerous bags along the fence and every now and then, we would see a coyote stretched out on the fence too. Wal-Mart has since changed to white plastic bags.
Would not mind toting my own grocery bag to the store, how about you?
Me and the Mrs. went to the Chili Feast at the Rotary Club of Highlands this weekend.

Good chili and just the right amount of indigestion. Besides, they actually had whole jalapenos this year, believe it or not. Big mistake on my part to say the least but the jalapeno was good when I was eating it. Picked out the smallest jalapeno in the bowl, little did I know what a fiery punch it would deliver. Mercy!
The Rotary had a nice size crowd this year but they always do. Many of the politicians were there with their shadows. If they stopped, there would be a collision.
Wore my railroad hat or cap as it may be. Yep, blue pin striped and folded on four sides just like a choo choo hat.
Amazing, the number of comments I get about that hat.
One fellow asked how far I had to chase that other person to get the hat.
A friend did not recognize me as he went by, said he did not know me in that hat.
Another man walked up to me at the silent auction table, asked if I worked for the railroad. Then he asked if I collected trains. Reckon he was puzzled why I would wear that hat.
Would he think I was a cowboy if I wore a cowboy hat?
A fun event with all of the Rotarians working hard. Well, some of them anyway.
Super Bowl has come and gone again.
Did your team win?
Win some money?
You know how rumors are and never believe them but overheard of a Super Bowl pot and the cost was one thousand dollars a square, winner take all.
How about a Super Bowl pot with five thousand dollars a square with multiple payouts?
Heard Vegas took a licking on the Super Bowl with the odds.
The odds are if you bet, you are going to lose. They did not build Vegas for people to win money.
Then again, you cannot win if you do not play.
Be nice to know my ship was coming in tomorrow night; I would be plum tickled.