Crosby Constable substation opens

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient David McNerney

CROSBY – This area now has a law enforcement station to act as a patrol staging and communications satelite and it did not cost the taxpayers a dime to obtain.
Crosby’s American Legion Post #658 offered to allow deputies to have keys and use of their palacial hall as a satellite station when the hall was completed last September.
“The American Legion offered the room, we definately appreciate it and we intend to take advantage of it. There will be a place for our deputies to make reports and talk to people instead of having to go all the way to Baytown or the North Channel area. This will be a shot in the arm as far as the deputies not having to do a lot of travelling back and forth which pulls them out of the area. Our Crosby, Huffman and Barrett Station deputies can do their paper work in the areas, make secure phone calls to contacts, save time and fuel. We are definately thankful to the American Legion for what they have done here for us and we intend to make it work for the community in terms of keeing patrols in the area. ” explained Constable Jones of what the satelite station will do for the areas.