Rockets’ streak creates new pro basketball fan

I’ve undergone somewhat of a change this winter. For several years I have become less and less interested in professional basketball. This winter that has changed somewhat. For a number of years I’ve paid only passive interested in the won-lost records, the standings and the teams in general.
I’ve only seen two or three professional games in my life, the last being about two years ago when we watched the Rockets beat the Lakers in Houston. This year however, I’ve become somewhat of a Rocket fan and have watched some games on TV this winter.
Of course, the winning streak has struck many people this winter and certainly added to my interest. Right now it sits at 22 straight with probably the biggest challenge coming up in a day or two with the Celtics coming to town. They are loaded.

I, like many others, thought the winning streak was over when Yao Ming went down with an injury. I not only thought about the winning streak but also found myself concerned as to the Rockets ability to reach the playoffs. Ah, ye of little faith.
Last Sunday I was in front of the TV when the Lakers took the floor against the Rockets and was pleased when the local favorites took the lead. While I was hopeful again my faith weakened when Tracy McGrady couldn’t make his shots. I said to no one in particular, “without his 20 or more points the cause is lost.”
But the cause was not lost as there were others to step up and provide the offense and the usual defense was there. I was amazed at Alston’s eight three-pointers, Jackson coming off the bench and scoring 19 while running around the floor as if it belonged to him. In part it certainly did. Meanwhile Battier, one of my favorite players of the college ranks at Duke, kept covering Kobe Bryant so close he held him to about a 33% shooting night. Mutombo was getting the rebounds and Scola was getting his share of points of rebounds as well. At 41 I wonder how Mutombo holds out.
Still I had my doubts as the Lakers continued to draw close and I nearly went through the TV when the Lakers got 12 points in a row to start the second half. From then until near the end it stayed close and I never left my chair. Finally the Rockets got hot near the end and pulled out a 12-point victory. I had a great morning at church listening to a fine Palm Sunday cantata and this completed a successful day for me.
Move on Rockets.