The King lives, and drives a Rolls

About two weeks ago we headed out of Crosby back to the hills and mountains of West Virginia. As we drove north through Mississippi and neared the Tennessee border, son, Dave, suggested we stop at Graceland for a visit. I’m sure you all know it is in Memphis and the home of Elvis (need I say Presley?)
We have passed through Memphis more than a dozen times, maybe close to two dozen and have never given much thought of stopping. For the most part the Springer’s are not great Elvis fans and this writer is not a fan of rock and roll. However we go right through exit 5 and it is less than a mile from Graceland. We decided to stop.
Our daughter-in-law, Marta, is a great Elvis fan and since she has been a valued member of the Springer family for a dozen years or so we decided we owed her a present from Graceland. It was a weekday morning and we wondered if it would be open. As we turned the corner to the parking lot I was amazed. We should not have worried about it being open. There were cars, cars, and more cars, parked in neat rows at $8 each. The first 10 cars I saw had license plates other than Tennessee.

Next to the parking lot was “Heart Break (two words ?) Hotel, a large gift shop and several other things to see and do about Elvis and family. Each has a separate price tag. Dave and I headed for the gift shop for a Marta purchase. I was again amazed. Crowds were buying Elvis memorabilia as fast as the cash registers would ring in the $$$$$.
I was about 10th in line at the register and heard the clerk ask for $80, $90, and more than $100 in my short time there. I paid my bill, found Dave, and we headed back to the car. We said goodbye to “the King” and headed back to the interstate.
When we got home and saw Marta we gave her our shopping bag full of Elvis stuff, including a cute bear Dave bought for her. She was pleased we had stopped, liked the gifts and we both got a big hug! It is nice to make other people happy.
Oh, another thing! I know you have all heard the debate of Presley’s death. It has been going on for years and I am now ready to put it all to rest.
As I was heading back to the car I noticed a beautiful Rolls-Royce in another lane and someone seeming to be hiding in front of it. Thinking it might be someone up to no good I stepped around the car and what do you suppose I saw. Believe it, it was the King himself. “Elvis,” I said with a startled expression, “Is that you!”
“Yes,” came the reply, “I was hoping you wouldn’t see me as I’m trying to stay out of the public eye. I got so tired of always facing the public. I can’t handle it any more. You are one of the few people, outside of my inter-family, that has seen me.”
I could hardly believe what was in front of me. The King of Rock and Roll himself. We passed pleasantries for a few minutes during which time he said he may do another public tour, and then I headed on my way. When I looked back he was still trying to get that Rolls started.
As we headed north I thought, “I should have gotten a photo of the two of us. No one will believe me!” But you do believe me don’t you?” Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home!