Hillary leaves her mark in West Virginia

The lady in the pants suit really went through my home state of West Virginia with a vengeance this past Tuesday (May 13), the date of the West Virginia Primary election. Hillary Clinton won the state presidential primary over Obama by a 72% to 28%. This was one of the most lopsided victories in any of the state elections this year.
For Clinton it seemed to me she won a skirmish after the war is over. In my view, which doesn’t appear to be in the minority, I believe she has not had a chance of winning the nomination on the Democratic side for the past several weeks unless one of two things happen:
Senator Obama falls flat on his face by doing something to upset the apple cart or the Clinton’s pull enough strings that causes Hillary to win at the convention even if she has less delegate votes. If the latter happens I think that will create such an uprising in the Democratic Party it will give the presidency to McCain.

Unless Obama has another pastor waiting in the wings hoping to derail him or he makes a really bad move or two toward the end that causes him to lose he is John McCain’s opposition in November. I’m pulling for Obama to win, not because I am a fan of his but because I believe he is the easier for McCain to beat in the general election. I’m a very conservative person politically so you might say I am playing a dangerous political game.
In my view Hillary, though liberal, is less so than Obama and might come closer (although there would be a wide margin) to my views if she were to become president. Obama and this writer are so far apart I believe, should he become president, one of my few options would be to move to Australia.
While John McCain and I have some political differences I do believe he and I would get along just fine. To get elected, and to keep his options open while in office, I think he is going to have to bend more to the right. Otherwise, his base will start eroding and he won’t get much done.
It won’t be long before we know if it will be Clinton or Obama. By the time you read this the primaries in Kentucky and Oregon will be over and the pundits have each winning one of those. Then, I think the Senator from Illinois will win Montana and South Dakota by good margins and Puerto Rico going to the Senator from New York.
It will be an interesting summer and fall as we go through both conventions and then the election campaigns. I hope there are enough of us out there to pull McCain through. If not, any volunteers to help me with the Australia move?
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home!