TCW celebrates 14 years and talkinÕ retirement

The month of May marks the fourteenth year Two Cents Worth has been in publication. From all this typing, hope you have: learned something, brought back an old memory or had a laugh. What do you want for two cents?
The month of May gives me spring fever with the itch to go somewhere and get out of Dodge if you have ever had the hankering. With the price of petrol, guess I will do like Four Dog does and just itch it.
AinÕt no telling where all of this high price of gas will end much less when? One can vision brokerÕs price hiking like they did with the electricity power brokers. Somebody is sure in high cotton with all this money going into deep pockets.

Funny thing (not really) but the government wants to bail out the big banks for their greed but us poor boys donÕt get bailed out from this price gouging of gas. Sounds like a case of the tail wagging the dog maybe?
I will take a piece of cheese with that whine, thank you very much.
Anyway, in what started out as an intelligent conversation with the Mrs. the other evening, the subject of retirement came up.
In carrying on what sounded like a good idea about retiring, we spoke of what all I could do since I have no real hobbies like golf or yachting or something of the sorts.
Somehow, the conversation came around to me being domesticated so I could take over the house cleaning, etc. She does not want me using her high dollar washer since I really messed up a load of laundry with a green work apron I brought back from Georgia. Wore green drawers and t-shirts for a while.
Still weaseling to get out of that part, I mentioned going to San Jacinto College couple times a week and playing golf and to the community center with the old folks.
There is possibility of volunteering at the hospital, but those old sick people make me hurt so that is out.
It is good to marry a younger woman that way she has to continue working until her retirement and give me freedom to read and write and sleep until sunup.
Somehow, painting the garage and fixing the shutters popped into the picture and this and that and the list kept growing.
Needing to get on to a different subject, I told her I could gigolo on the side.
When the laughter finally finished, I got up and started supper..