Voters reject $103.5m Crosby ISD bond package


CROSBY – The Crosby ISD School Bond was voted down by 696 votes to 490 uncanvassed, according to Diane Fleming.
The Crosby ISD Superintendent Mike Joseph said, “I take full responsibility for the bond not passing. Here is what I know about the Crosby community – it has great people that are supportive of the kids and I know that we are going to use this as an opportunity to come up with another plan that will be in the best interest of the entire community. I am possitive that something good will happen.”
“We are going to focus on what we do and that is providing quality education.”
When asked if he believes that another bond will be proposed by next November he indicated that the general election would be too early.
“We have to have time to bring in all fascets of the community to see what our plan B is.”
When pressed concerning the costs of construction going up about 1% per month and the financial pressures of increasing gasoline and deisel.
“I look at it as maybe next May maybe in the next two years, I don’t know. The voters spoke and we appreciate that, we are going to look at the fact that there are people throughout this community that I am proud to know and develop another plan. It didn’t work this time, so maybe there are some things that we can look at and maybe we can bring everyone together.”
The Star-Courier had been sent a barrage of e-mails, somearriving after deadline. The proposed bond was to biuld a new 7th and 8th grade Middle School on Kennings Road. Much of the reaction to the proposal concerned increasing taxes in a time of economic uncertainty and uncertainty about the results of the up-coming general election.
Most of those that reacted to the proposal acknowledged that there is a need for new buildings in the district. The rate of growth in the district is now at about 2.5% per year when the decade prior to that has seen about 1% per year. Most of the growth had children in the Kindergarten age group.