Crosby Fair & Rodeo ropes success

CROSBY – Whatever the measure the 62nd Crosby Fair & Rodeo has been an unqualified success.
According to Fair board President Russell Rogers, “As of right now the figures are indicating we have had another record year. The auction brought in $241, 000 for the premium sales for kids – that is approximately $10, 000 more than last year. Premium sales are pentacle of all that we do for the kids. The Fair & Rodeo has set a record, we don’t have a final figure yet but it is good. We are very grateful to our buyers and bidders, the old time buyers came back and the new ones stepped up to help us help some local kids. The main thing I want to recognize is the community participation has been fantastic, that and our volunteers. If it were not for the volunteers we just could not get it done and the various vendors that donated equipment. I can’t say enough of our appreciation for everyone’s efforts. The board members came together when it came time and got it done.”
“I think it is a benefit to the community. Community wise, if you go into this old adage, ‘every dollar turns over seven times before it leaves the area,’ then we are probably looking at seven times a quarter million dollars reinvested into the area. We were amazed at how many new and out of town spectators we had, which we know from how many asked us where the bathrooms were as they were handing over their tickets. If you visit often, you know where the fairground’s bathrooms are.”

“The success was phenomenal. Thursday night was record attendance; in fact, we don’t have the final figures– but I think we had more people attend this year. The weather cooperated, we got a little rain on Saturday but the parking lot stayed in great shape. We don’t know how many attended the Friday night Cook-Off Party but we ran out of tickets and we ran out of arm-bands and the parking lot was at capacity. Rick Larkin and his people did a fantastic job again this year, as last.” said Roger tallying the triumphant events.
The plans for next year will be much like this year except Rogers said, “You keep trying to improve, entertainment is apparently a key factor, the rodeo was fast and furious, Classic Bull Rodeo did a fantastic job. The new clown act this year was spectacular, Rockin’ Robby Robbins. This year Crosby businesses and even government entities participating in a western decoration contest was a wonderful boon, it helped us raise awareness.”
Among a plethora of success stories included from pages 4 through 8 of this issue are the Grand Champion Steer that was raised by Dalton Walker and purchased by Centi-Fab for $9,000, The Grand Champion Goat was bought by Owens Specialty for $10, 000 for Jordan French.
Tough Enough to Wear Pink made their $10,000 goal this year, according to Shirley Rogers, “Debbie Holmelin created a raffle, lots of people bought items at the booths, several large outside sponsors contributed. Dynamic Laboratories of La Porte granted a minimum of $1,000 for pink shirt count on Saturday night. The Crosby Fair & Rodeo Directors put up matching funds for the gate count of Tough Enough To Wear Pink Saturday.
Special recognition went to several key participants and volunteers this year. Aubrey Larkin and Cody Ressler were Junior and Senior Top Hands this year, Rogers explains, “Top Hands were here to help us with whatever we needed and they did good.”
Michael Michalsky was Volunteer of the Year for serveral reasons, including; not only did he work the gates each night but he also helped raise and lower the sound equipment for each night’s performers. Pastor Richard Amador did the dedication and prayer each night of the Rodeo.
According to Chairman of the board Douglas Hall, “It was all good. The gate was up, beverage sales were up.”
“We are going to have to pay some debts (we borrowed about $80,000 to build the new overhead and some bills are still coming in but we will determine after some accounting what more we can do for the community,” said Rogers.