Lewis plans upgrades for Motorcross Park

Casey Coble

HIGHLANDS – Highlands Motorcross Park at 11545 Crosby Lynchburg Rd. was sold by Keith Coble to Mike Lewis in the last week of June.
Ownership of the local motorcross track changed family ownership as the previous owner regained the #1 Volume Dealer in North America status for the store at 227 North Main Street in Highlands. The Lewis family owners are dedicated to making the track an ideal racing and practicing facility for the motorcross sport enthusiast.
According to Mike Lewis, “My two sons, Jeff and Bryan, will be here working. We know we are going to change the hours slightly, anyone interested in keeping up with those and other changes can check us out on the web, highlandsmotorcrosspark.com . This weekend [ July 5 ] I have a double header motorcross race coming.”
The new owners lived in Deer Park for the last 25 years he is originally from Pasadena. They have a video production company and video the Miss Highlands Pageant each year.
According to Lewis, “We plan to run this track as a family business and make continuous improvements as we go. We look for the track to be top notch. We want spectators to start coming out and enjoy the nonstop action. Pro-Rider Kyle Williams has a class starting this week here for those that would like to get children most safely into the sport. Kyle teaches technique with technique comes safety. We look forward to a good relationship with all the motorcycle dealerships. There are going to be some unique features at this track and on the website ”