CISD reprimands bus driver after A/C incident

CROSBY — The Crosby ISD has reprimanded a bus driver after she turned off part of the air conditioner as a form of punishment.

The incident took place on Aug. 28.

“Yesterday (Aug. 28) my child got of the bus and explained to me that some kids were acting up on the school bus,” said the parents of one of the students on the bus.

“She then proceeded to tell me that the punishment for acting up was to turn off the air conditioner. She also told them they would be in big trouble if they rolled down the windows. My child got off the bus red faced and explained what happened. It is hard for me to believe some one would actually use this as a form of discipline. You just don’t take away kids air flow on a bus with 20-40 kids.”

Robert Tatman, spokesman for the district, said that the bus driver turned off the rear a/c unit while keeping the a/c at the front of the bus turned on.

The a/c, he said, was off for three minutes, or two stops.

Tatman said that the driver’s action was unacceptable and that disciplinary action was taken.

“We saw that it was inappropriate on her part and she has been reprimanded. We are saddened that it happened and it will never happen again,” he added.