Feeling Ike’s effects

Thanks to Hurricane IKE, I have started a batch of blackberry wine from the berries we picked earlier in the year. Tedious work running six large bags of berries through a sieve to separate the juice from the seeds not to mention the mess. Started the process without a shirt and looked gut shot from the squirting of the juice.

Got the Mrs. home today, as she has been working 12-hour days as a first responder since the hurricane passed. Guess you could say I too am a first responder. Had to respond to all the food in the fridge and freezer and clean it with bleach and water.

With the power off for four days, it reminded me of growing up without the benefit of air conditioning and all. Two nights were hot and the other two were comfortable sleeping weather. Never slept with a sweat rag before, but did on the second night.

A coworker said if you called Comcast to report no service, its recording was “IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, PLEASE HANG UP.”

A caller to the electric company said she has a legally blind son and they needed their lights on. If you think about it, a person in that condition can possibly see shadows and outlines of objects. Come to think about it, I got beat at golf by a legally blind person.

A woman from Kansas City called to see if power was on at her daughter’s apartment complex. The woman said they got tornados spawned from IKE and they could smell seawater in the air. Do you believe that?

Piddling around in the garage one afternoon, I heard the neighbor’s new dog bark as if something was up, so I went for a look-see. The neighbor had a plastic slide, which was on the ground upside down, and the German Shepherd was circling the slide with caution.

Grabbed my Sharp Shooter shovel and went into their backyard.

Sure enough, there was a cottonmouth water moccasin underneath.

Had to have FOUR DOG put down recently, one of the hardest things I have ever done. Took a while to get up the will power to have it done. FOUR was like one of my boys and my best friend.

No more dogs for me even though they are great company and do not talk back.