Fall brings colors, travel and football

This writer really likes this season, particularly with the changing of the season and the travel in the mountains as the leaves change. This is one of the most beautiful things that Mother Nature gives us each year. Over the years the Appalachians have been points of destination many times during October or perhaps early November.

Another place we have gone rather regularly in the past is to the Smoky Mts. of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. Particularly we enjoy the Cherokee, N. C. and Gatlinburg, Tenn. towns.

We have stopped there a few times traveling between home and Texas as one of the best routes takes us right through Knoxville, Tenn. which is just a few miles from Gatlinburg. We also get there by going out of our way a little traveling between home and Florida, a trip we have also made many times.

Living on a river that has its beginning in the hills of Appalachia also makes this time of year pleasant. To me rivers are always beautiful unless it is in a highly industrialized area. The waters flow gracefully along, usually at a rather slow pace as the water level is low. In a week or so the river will be full of leaves of all color that have fallen from trees along the banks. These leaves add to the beauty of the river going past our property but will soon soak up lots of water and sink.

Of course fall is also time for football and I am a great football fan. My two favorite teams, Texas A. & M. and West Virginia University have both taken it on the chin already a few times this year and unfortunately I don’t see much improvement over the rest of the season.

I’m afraid A&M is in for a long season as they have already lost at least two, possibly three and have a tough Big Twelve schedule still ahead.

West Virginia may have better sledding but not by much. The last half of that schedule could bring two or three defeats to add to the two already registered. Nonetheless I’ll still be rooting for both teams no matter what. If 2008 proves to be losing or relatively bad seasons, on to 2009. I’ll still enjoy the colors and the daily temperatures of the fall season!

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!