Working for the weekend

Six more weeks and you can run your clock up an hour. Time flies when you are having fun so hang on, spring will be here the following week.

Tomato plants are in the stores and must say they are right proud of them. Singles they are, the six pack plants will be out in due time.

Numerous bits of humor relating to retirement are coming my way, as well as advice from others. Some say you will enjoy retirement and after a while wonder when you had time to work. Some others say you will not like it or what are you going to do when you get everything done?

Retirement is sort of like being in the credit business. You are never caught up; someone is always past due and needs a phone call reminder.

Just like housework, it ain’t never done and I ain’t ironing like a couple of my very much domesticated buddies. That is pushing too far and I tell them, “At least you know your place.”

Bout worked out a schedule to help fulfill my retirement time to keep me content and out of trouble.

Figer Monday is M and M is for mopping or swabbing the deck to you deck apes. Maybe a little yard work afterwards and if it warms up a tad, maybe wack a few golf balls in the back yard.

Tuesday as in T is for theatre and I actually spent good money last week to go see Gran Torino. Not been to a picture show since Star Wars came out. Had a fill of the movies already and will have to T for tinker in the garage on Tuesdays and do some yard work. There ain’t no dollar and a half movie anymore by crackie.

W is for Wednesday and the day the grocery ads break in the big city paper. Will do some shopping for what is on sale and surprise the Mrs. with a good suppers when she gets in from work.

T for Thursday and it is for trimming up the fat boy. My gym membership is due to expire in another month and think there is enough concrete around here to walk on without spending all that cash to see others sashay in front of the mirrors flexing their stuff. One would think with as much walking as I do in the grocery stores and Wal-Mart that I would not need much exercise. The Mrs. says the exercise I need is pushing away from the table.

Fridays is F and that is fish day. Not for any religious purpose but because of all the fish eaters around, fish should be more plentiful on Fridays. There is the Good Times Marina down on the river that has a huge catfish feed each Friday and it’s all you can eat for about nine bucks. Also Cracker Barrel has its Cod Fish Fridays and it is sooooo good if you eat the cod fishes.

Frankly, we like the cod fish from Sam’s and prepare it in Charlie’s Kitchen. Put your feet under my table and you too will have problems pushing away.

Saturday and Sundays are for resting for the next week.