Dressing for retirement

Sure is nice beginning the third month of retirement and not having to dress up each day and make sure my brogans are shined up. Actually I wore Florsheim shoes most of my banking career, but ended up wearing some SAS uglies.

It’s a sight over the years how some executives dress. Have seen them with baby slobber on their shoulder to shoes that looked like they had been out milking before they came to work. Some have no clue as to what a shoe brush does with shoe tops covered in dust.

SAS shoes are ugly as sin but are as comfortable as some of the men’s exotic shoes are tacky. Got one buddy who wears nothing but khaki pants. I asked him once if he had any other colors and he said no.

One of my former bosses used to wear hundred dollar ties every day and silk, I suppose. Have seen the high dollar clothing store van pull up, and the driver walks in the bank with five suits on hangers over his shoulder taking them to the big boss’s office.

With all the free time, one has time to read the New York Times online and read with interest about an article last week about Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks is now stocking off the rack suits for $7000.00. Can you imagine? That is to go with their $1395 sunglasses, slacks for $1195 and jeans for $795. All one needs with those threads are a pair of tacky exotic gator shoes. Is that what they call, “dressed to the nines”?

Have seen people come to work without their belt or with different shoes, buttons buttoned in the wrong hole, and the list goes on. Some even come to work in their house shoes and forgot to put on their dress shoes. That’s as funny as wearing two different colored shoes. One even had their pullover shirt on inside out.

No plans to wear any of the many long sleeve white shirts in the closet. One good thing about them, they will come in handy and that is repelling heat and the ‘skeet’s when working outside and in the garden.

The Mrs. is now into resale stores, especially Blue Bird Circle resale shop in the big city. She got PO’d yesterday when she came home with the granddaughter and showed me one of two casual shirts she bought me. I said one of them looks like it has marijuana leaves all over and I ain’t wearing it. I had to Google marijuana to see how many leaves it has and she was correct… again.