Bomb threat closes Lee College bldg.

Baytown police detectives interview Lee College personnel after a bomb threat was called in April 2. The threat indicated a bomb was in the science building. A search of the building yielded no explosive devices.

BAYTOWN — Lee College’s Barney Gray Science Building was evacuated for more than an hour last week following a bomb threat to the school.

Baytown Police Lt. Eric Freed said that just before 9 a.m. on April 2 someone called the college’s main switchboard and told the operator that there was a bomb in the science building.

The caller did not elaborate on the type of bomb. “It was a very brief call,” Freed said. Witnesses differed on whether it was a male or female who called; leading police to believe it was a soft-spoken male.

Freed said that they evacuated the building of a few early morning students and staff, then began to search the building.

No device was found.

Freed said that since no threats were given to other buildings, a campus-wide evacuation was not needed.

Since the college is considered a “public access building” the bomb threat is considered a Class A Misdemeanor.

Lee President Dr.Michael Murphy praised the college’s security guards and police for containing the situation and not letting a panic develop.