Reconnecting with an old friend

Ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in about five years several days ago. Once again I found Stephen Jackson, in a Crosby restaurant. Had many fine breakfast conversations with Stephen in another area restaurant the first two or three years we were spending our winters in Crosby. Then he disappeared from my view.

This guy Jackson is one easy man to know. He strikes up a conversation with those around him as easily as sipping his coffee or eating his breakfast or dinner.

The retired City of Baytown employee said things have been going o. k. for him since we last met and I think that is the truth because he still had that great smile and is never lost for words. He must know most everyone in town as he is constantly giving a big smile and “hello” to those going into and out of whatever restaurant he finds himself.

We spent only a few minutes updating ourselves and then went on our way again. I will look forward to seeing this Barrett Station resident again next year as our paths continue to cross.

Newport Paving

We arrived in Newport last January amongst the orange and white construction barrels and left with the same barrels in place. There has been, and still is, a lot of paving going on in Newport. When we arrived, new curbing was the thing and several streets were getting this kind of upgrading. South Diamondhead was full of the barrels protecting cars and drivers from ditching.

With all of the curbing activity completed the removing of old pavement and re-paving began. I had never paid much attention to the pavement removal equipment until I found myself in the midst of this activity several times. It is very efficient. Won’t be long the roads I saw being worked on — South Diamond Head, Gulf Club and Country Club Roads — will be completed and it will be smooth driving again.

Driving Home

The 1,240 mile drive back home was rather uneventful this time. Got an early start out of Crosby and ended up in Batesville, Mississippi (50 miles south of Memphis) the first night. Was wearing a short-sleeve shirt that first day and that changed as soon as I got out of the car at Batesville.

Next morning we decided to try for the final 650 miles in one day as we were between two storms. It was colder but dry when we pulled out of Batesville and that remained until we got 100 or 150 miles into Tennessee. From that point on it was rain and cold wind accompanying us. Got home safely and woke up the next morning to snow. Wasn’t happy about that and was ready to head back south.

That snowstorm brought frost and a light freeze and many of our blossoming trees have suffered. They will not be as pretty this year as they were last.

Such are the people, places and things that touch my life in my home!