Constables on TV Cops, bust Newport burglars

Deputy Garcia and McAffrey of the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office are assisted by Lieutenant Jasen Rabalais. As the Deputy approached one suspect began walking away and the other tossed something. One was charged with attempted evasion and the other was found to have thrown a crack pipe under the Lieutenant’s patrol vehicle. The deputies here had been erroniously identified by the internet version of the Cops TV Show as Sheriff’s Deputies.

CROSBY – Dramatic upswing in burglary throughout the Greater Houston Area is being met locally by increased late night/early morning patrols by Ken Jones’ Precinct 3 Deputies and Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies working together.

Last early Monday morning, for example, a homeowner was detaining a young person in his yard that had been attempting to get inside his vehicle. The resident called 911 for patrol help to his Newport residence and Deputy Peterson was first to arrive.

Peterson obtained a statement that the young man had a friend run off before the resident came out of his house. The deputy then noticed a vehicle drive by and performed a traffic stop and detained the driver.

Lieutenant Jasen Rabalais arrived and interviewed the two young men concerning the alarming number of burglary of vehicles that had been experienced in Newport over the past few months. The Lieutenant elaborated about how he had conducted an arrest of two similar young four weeks before burglarizing vehicles.

During Rabalais’ interview, the two young suspects talked of how they had entered vehicles that had been left unlocked throughout Newport and took items from each. A total of seven residential vehicles had been entered by the youths, according to their statements.

Rabalais convinced the two seventeen year olds to go with him and see that all the items that had been taken were returned to their rightful owners. All the missing items had been found in their backpack.

The youth that was detained in the car was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Ikoras Hench, 17, was also charged with burglary of a motor vehicle. Cody Blair, 17, was charged with burglary of a motor vehicle.

The Garrett Road area of Sheldon had been home to both the seventeen year olds. Both had been charged as adults in these cases.

Deputy R. Clenney assisted with the arrest.

Residents would do well to lock their cars at night, large numbers of unlocked vehicles attracts car burglars.