Children say the darndest things

As many of you know the Springer’s reside in West Virginia and find our way to Texas via various interstates at least three months of every year, sometimes more. We love Texas (and Crosby).

We had an interesting event here over the past six months that I want to relate to you. I call it:

Out of the mouths…

State officials were adamant about raising the tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike, which is a part of I-77 from Charleston to the Southern border with Virginia. The tolls were $1.25 for each of the three tollbooths along the 100-mile route. The proposed toll would be $2.00 each for a total of $6.00 one way. A hue and cry went up from residents who use the turnpike daily. Much ado was made of this verbal battle. They lost, the state won, and the tolls are now $2.00 times three.

A local Mother was traveling to South Carolina on the turnpike recently with her young son to visit relatives. The third tollbooth sits near the top of one of the highest mountains in the area and has a beautiful view.

As they approached that tollbooth the six-year-old offered, “Mommy, West Virginia is a beautiful state isn’t it?” “Yes,” replied Mommy, pleased that her young son would take notice. As she prepared to pay her toll he commented, “And you have to pay to get out and then pay to get back in.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

The End of an Era!

Linda and I live on a 1-acre tract on the banks of the beautiful Coal River near Charleston. Before ours, and the adjoining subdivision, were developed the land was a large apple orchard, according to a map in my possession that dates back to the early 1900s.

When we bought our property about 38 years ago it had eight or ten of the apple trees remaining. They were about the only apple trees left in the development. Over the years a windstorm took out one or two of the older trees, others died and I removed a couple due to property improvements.

After 35+ years, there remained one apple tree, much younger than the others, that we have nursed along for several years. Over the past three to five years I have had to remove several dead limbs. Earlier this year I had the entire tree cut down as it was about to die. It was the last of hundreds of apple trees that once called the subdivisions acres home. It truly was the end of an era and we miss it.

Such are the people places and things that have touched my life in my home!