Deputies investigate local home invasions

NORTHEAST HARRIS COUNTY – A series of home invasions since last June found Lieutenant Ganey of Ken Jones’ Precinct 3 Constable Deputies working late hours, consulting with Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies about incidents in Highlands, Barrett Station, the FM 1942 corridor, Nelson Subdivision and a burglary in Newport on Sept. 1.

A man was arrested in Highlands over the weekend when a neighbor recognized him as having been to the residence before to steal items from a local resident. The neighbor detained the suspect and waited for deputies to arrive.

The investigation concerns the driver of a pickup truck, described as involved in any of four other incidents.

A relatively new, dark pickup truck driven by an Hispanic, early 20’s male driver is suspected in at least three home invasions, a burglary and a robbery.

Two home invasions including one of two that occurred last Thursday, August 27, had such a vehicle. Deputies stated that they believe much more investigation is needed to conclude that the two incidents were done by the same person. One occurred not long after 8:00 p.m. and the other after 11:00 p.m the same evening.

According to other deputies a 20 to 24 year old Hispanic male under six feet tall was described in four of the five incidents. In two incidents a younger dark haired female was noted as a participant and in another “someone else was sitting in a dark truck.”

In another apparent burglary incident, an Hispanic, slender, young woman was described as rummaging through valuables inside a Newport home by a baby-sitter that heard a noise inside the house.

Residents are advised not to open their doors to anyone unless they are certain who is waiting on the other side. Even innocent appearing, young females standing with arms akimbo outside the front door may be a cover for a male accomplice, hidden and waiting to pounce and bound through the door at a given opportunity. Locally, locking doors may not be a habit but needs to become a routine, said the deputies, to keep out those criminal elements that regularly check for opportunities to steal from easy targets.