Going to the birds…

Me and the Mrs. took a little R & R and a four day weekend down the coast to Port Aransas. We stayed on Mustang Island and spent a couple of days in Rockport, Texas attending the Hummingbird Festival.

A fun trip indeed visiting various homes watching the hummers at people’s numerous feeding stations.

More fun than that was the “Last Chance Forever” live birds of prey show that is dedicated to the rehab of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey. Hawks, Owls, an Eagle, a Buzzard and a Falcon were on display Friday night and Saturday morning.

The birds were allowed to fly in the school auditorium Friday evening and awesome cannot describe this event. Additionally, vendors had their bird wares available from T-shirts, feeders, blown glass hummer ornaments, high dollar binoculars and scopes were available for purchase. The Mrs. noticed and purchased a 72 ounce sugar water feeder that hopefully will last more than one day without having to be refilled.

They had rain down in that part of the country a week or so ago and the skeets were out in volume. Finally found a place that has the skeets as bad as we do in the back yard. They should name it the Skeeter Festival because they outnumbered the hummers 10 to 1.

This ole Georgia Boy never has been a big fan of chowing down on fish and bait. Back in the Coast Guard in Boston on Fridays they served seafood and lobsters in abundance, back then related to a Catholic requirement of no meat on Fridays. Of course, I never had eaten the big crayfish much less any other seafood, giving mine away and opting for a bologna sandwich.

Time changes all or most anyway. Had my first taste of Mahi-mahi fish and found out just how good tis. Ate it five times and consider the grilled much better than the fried. Speaking of fried fish, the restaurants down there do not serve catfish or at least the six eating places we visited. The Mrs. put two of her shrimp on my plate reciprocating for a piece of the fish yours truly gave her. Later that evening, the shrimp were still swimming and I swear they were cooked in coon oil.

The Mrs. agreed we might move to that part of the country and it sure beats the fire out of the Smokey Mountains that she has wanted. We spent the better part of a day riding around Mustang Island, Rockport, and Fulton looking at homes for sale getting a sampling of the area. The house she wanted was $399K and mine was over a Mil so we have to wait on her to reach retirement age and maybe our ship will come in so we can buy down there.

We are back at the poor house now and it do feel good, peas and cornbread for supper, back to basics.