Rotary holds Washer Tournament Saturday

HIGHLANDS – The Highlands Rotary Club will finally get around to holding their Washer Tournament, only a year late thanks to Hurricane Ike. The tournament is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 12 from noon to closure, at Charlie’s Ice House, 906 N. Main Street in Highlands.

Last year the Highlands Rotary Club had scheduled their fall fundraiser, the competitive Washer Throwing Contest, for the week of Sept. 20. But Hurricane Ike hit on the 12th, and many things were canceled or postponed.

Rotary decided to dedicate their time and effort to disaster relief, so the Washer Tournament was skipped.

This year, all proceeds from the Tournament will be used for the work of the Rotary Foundation, which is heavily involved in international relief and charity work, Polio eradication, scholarships, and generally beneficial projects for national and international venues.

The public is invited to come and participate. In addition to two-man teams, there will be a silent auction, and food and refreshments. The tournament itself is a “double elimination” style, giving a team that loses one game another chance to recover and win.

The tournament is under the direction of club president Robert Woodall, but it is a project in which all the club members will partipate, both as gamers and as workers, Woodall said.

Based on previous years when the club held the tourney, it is expected that there will be 50 two-person teams, made up of local Highlands folks and Rotarians from all over the district. This is the 3rd Annual tournament, and like many activities held by the Highlands club, the reputation spreads wide throughout the sixty clubs in the greater Houston district 5890, for fun and a lively time. Rotarians thrive on fellowship, and this is one of two major fundraisers that the Highlands club holds to support their community activities. They also participate in many District and National activities.

The Highlands Rotary Club is always looking for new members, so if you are interested, be sure and attend, meet a few Rotarians and have a good time. You can even throw a few washers for a good cause!