CROSBY – At 3:54 a.m. on Father’s Day emergency crews were summoned to the Crosby Motel at 1701 Beaumont Highway.

First on the scene were Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, followed seconds later by HCESD#5. They said smoke appeared to be coming out of two rooms upon arrival. As fire crews rolled up minutes later the entire structure was engulfed in flames, according to witnesses. A common attic and the age of the building contributed to the second floor falling into the first.

According to the manager of the Crosby Motel since 2001, it is believed that the fire started in Room 227. Although economic hard times had befallen the area the motel did not lay off any employees. He stated that the motel goes back to 1930. “It was a monument to Crosby.”

A Crosby Volunteer Fire crew personnel stated some 12 people were staying in the motel at the time of the fire. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office provided a bus to take about a dozen people to Red Cross shelters and Sacred Heart.

Witnesses say that deputies, paramedics, fire crews, guests and managers began knocking on doors to alert those that might be there and that the occupants were told to get out at once. They had no time to gather belongings.

Seven people were treated for smoke inhalation, chest pain or heat by about 10 attending ambulance crews. According to Sheldon’s Emergency Service Chief. Fourteen Fire crews were counted from as far away as Beach City, Mont Belvieu and New Caney. The Chief of ESD#1 was among those treated for injuries.

Crews appeared worn and tired at 9:00 a.m. as the blaze began to tap down. Hot spots flared during the entire day. Heavy humidity belabored crews but did little to hamper the intense flames.

Some occupants jumped off the second story balcony as others simply walked out weeping. Many who had been staying inside the structure lost all that they had.

The manager of the motel informed the owners of the structure early that day about the fire and stated that he believed the building was insured and expressed hope that it would be rebuilt.