Tire recycler for old US90 has TCEQ protest hearing

SHELDON – A huge proposed tire recycling facility is on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) docket this week that would, if successful in hearings, be located just blocks from Crosby Municipal Utility District’s service land on the Beaumont Highway near the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston.
Implications of this case impact a variety of public conversations and issues currently ongoing, including: “Should government entities be trusted to do their duty?,” to ‘Where have all the jobs gone?”, to “Are we going to have to live close to more pollution and mosquito nests?” Liberal, conservatives and the victims of the same all have a stake in this outcome.

Genan, Inc. ( originally a German Company) obtained a decision on Oct. 28, 2010 to be issued a Tire Registration No. 6200673 for a scrap tire storage facility, the company is “requesting approval or a registration to transport store and process scrap tires at a facility,” at 18038 Beaumont Highway.
The stated Genan’s vision is twofold. “We want all scrap tires to be recycled in the environmentally and economically most beneficial way. For us, the environment and the economy go hand in hand.”
“Genan’s scrap tire recycling concept is unique. In a highly technological process, developed and optimized through practical experience over more than 20 years, all kinds of scrap tires are separated into the original elements: rubber steel and textile.,” and “The output from a Genan plant consists of 67% rubber powder and granulate, 18% steel, 14% textile and 1% waste, which primarily stems from impurities like sand and stones absorbed by the scrap tires.” Genan, Inc. indicates. Currently the most important rubber modification is modification of asphalt, bitumen, infil in artificial turf and industrial usages. Steel is remelted in large steel works.” … “the textile” … “is currently going through a comprehensive product development which will lead to final products within the noise and heat insulation industry.” Genan, Inc. describes their works.
Genan, Inc. had promised nearby Emergency Service Districts that the company would bring trainers from Germany to train local people to be employed to run the facility.
However Citizens for Responsible Recycling (CRR) replied for rehearing and/or motion to Overturn the Executive Director’s decision to issue the permit. They say that Pastor Charlie Tutt runs a school at 17522 Beaumont Highway within 1/2 mile of the proposed facility. The workshop teaches students employment skills and workplace behavior, with the goal of assisting students in finding employment upon completion of the program.
CRR’s attorneys questions impact on surface water drainage, rain events have created drainage problems on roadways near the facility and on the San Jacinto River about 2 blocks from the facility.
Questions are raised about water and air quality from Constituents like cadmium, asbestos and also high carbon from the steel. Air quality issues are raised stating that of his students, “many suffer from asthma.”
Fires are an issue of concern, the complainants say that there “is no way to put out a fire involving whole tires. Water is not effective.”
Impacts on home values are raised, a subdivision known as Sheldon Woods consists of 450 homes with all the issues would reduce the value of property.
Sheldon’s Fire Dept. was assured that the tires would be brought in wrapped and bundled to be stored within a facility and that facility and the robotic manufacturing area have a drop floor chamber and in the event of a fire the facility can drop a million gallons of water into the chamber smothering the fire. They were told that the single building would sit on the ten acres there and that humans never touch the tires inside the facility. The dept. was assured that tires would only be coming from the United States.
On Nov. 22, Marisa Perales, on behalf of CRR filed a motion to overturn the executive director’s approval of Genan’s application due to fatal deficiencies including insufficient information regarding the proposed site and surrounding areas, noncompliance with technical various requirements, inadequacies in the Site operating Plan and failure to provide information required.
Genan, Inc.’s attorney responded, of course, to the complaint on all issues.
The TCEQ, Les Trobman extended the time for the Commission to act on this motion until Jan. 27, 2011 to Anne Idsal, Assistant General Counsel at (512) 239-5537.
The TCEQ’s Executive Director responded via staff attorney Ron Olson on all issues raised and concluded that he had acted correctly to allow the permit.