Man convicted for 2009 Crosby murder

CROSBY – A bizarre Sunday night stabbing death of a well-liked employee at Frenz Sports Bar on Nov. 22, 2009 has led to the conviction of Daniel Ray Kendall for murder in 208 District Court on March 15.
Two women await trial on charges stemming from that night when Daniel Kendall, 53, fatally stabbed Jerry Lee Smith, then 36, father of a young girl. Smith was said to be performing his job, trying to stop a confrontation between a group of women at 11:45 p.m. that night when he was stabbed by Kendall. Kendall was said to be walking about with the knife making menacing gestures at other patrons when he had the knife knocked from his hand by a patron with a pool cue and patrons held him until Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to make an arrest.

According to Smith’s mother, Sandra Gothard, “I would like to thank A.D.A. Haywood Carter for presenting this case to the jury exactly as it should have been. His closing arguments and his arguments for sentencing were wonderful. It was possible for the jury to give Daniel 5 years to life but they gave him 20 years although the District Attorney asked for 42 years, the estimated life span of my son. At first it seemed the jury felt sorry for him because he looks old and frail but even when Kendall was on the stand as the court rolled the video tape he lied about what we were all seeing. His conviction means I have closure now, I can go back to my cabin in New Mexico knowing that justice has been served, although I have no children left having lost one son in a chemical plant accident and my son Jerry to this crime. Jerry’s father, Jack Smith, went with my now husband and I to court all through this. It has been difficult for him also. He was devastated to lose his only other living child. I don’t want any more reprocussions from this, it is closure on a painful time.”
Judge Sandra Gothard recommended that Kendall serve half of the 20 years sentence before becoming eligible for parole. Kendall has been in jail for one year already.
Kendall told the jury during the sentencing phase, “I deeply regret what happened. If I could change it I would. But, I can’t change it and I am willing to take the punishment that the jury is willing to give me.”
Charges are pending later court dates related to the incident.