Texas Army readies after 175 years

Texas Army musters for mess before the Battle of San Jacinto

TEXAS – The past week has been one of great remembrances from 1836 here and the saying that ‘The past is always with us.’ has never been more obvious or held more cause for excitement.
March 2 was the day for remembering the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Last Sunday, March 6 at 6:00 a.m. was the 175th Anniversary (with reenactment) of the last Assault by the Mexican Army on the Alamo, last of the ‘13 Days of Glory.’ Reuter’s News said that day “Mexican Troops won the battle but Mexican-Americans are winning the demographic battle.” Indicating authorities say Texas will soon be a Hispanic majority state.
This April 16, the Texas Army will reenact the Battle of San Jacinto, where Sam Houston’s Army defeated El Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s force of more than twice their number. The Texians at San Jacinto were remembering the Alamo and Goliad but have been critiqued for being harsh to would be captives after this battle that occurred April 21.
This spectacle is entertaining and educational for the entire family. Kids can drill with the Texas Army, learn what it was really like back in 1836, watch the militia form lines of attack, watch cavalry and feel the shock wave from and hear real cannon.
Reenactors sometimes personally express disapproval to observers of Santa Anna revoking Mexican Constitution, dissolving congress, forbidding firearms to settlers and forming a centralized dictatorship backed by a well trained Mexican Army.
The new Texas Army was reformed on April 21, 1969 to honor its predecessor and 2 months later Governor Preston Smith reactivated it for ceremonial purposes. It fields to events throughout the state.