FM2100 Overpass stalled, but not stopped

CROSBY – Again, the Overpass of FM 2100 at the railroad tracks is stalled. One can get a number of different answers as to why but only one prediction as to when the project will begin. That being “I think we can begin seeing construction if not by July for sure by August.” said Henri Quiroga, TxDOT Project Engineer.
Sources outside TxDOT say it may have to do with the need for the successful contractor to receive his construction bonds. The letting date has been removed from the website. But, Quiroga indicates it has more to do with the utilities not being in place for the benchmark project and the contractor not being able to start until all things are in their place. “The contractor is adamant about having a wide area to begin because there is a hefty milestone within the aggressive schedule. There are penalties if he does not reach those building milestones.”
One of the problems appears to be the gas company getting rights of way with the railroad for the lines they need to install.
Quiroga for the first time discussed plans to begin construction at both sides (North and South) of the roadway and possibly within the middle of the project to hit the milestones with numerous crews working simultaneously. He described a situation that requires all utility work be completed before roadwork can begin. He could not discuss any bonding issues.
“I can foresee something getting started in July or August.”
“The gas company has had a big agreement delay at the railroad crossing and meanwhile the fiber optic lines are on hold.” Quiroga said.
The design structure of the Overpass has not undergone change nor has locations. A couple of poles are still in locations that are unacceptable.
“Even if any contractor goes under we have a bonding company that will step in and take over,” said Quiroga, “It will get built it’s just a matter of when.”