TXDoT proposes westbound exit ramp from US90 to FM2100

CROSBY – Currently, U.S. 90’s only access to FM 2100 from the eastbound direction is a 1/4 mile North of Runneburg Road’s Overpass, last week information came that a new plan for an off-ramp where the on-ramp is and a new on-ramp where the last entrance to Friendly Ford exists is proposed.
Businesses in the Crosby area have been concerned that neighbors from the northeast did not have rapid enough access to Main Street in Crosby and there has been more than a little discussion of this within the membership of the Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce as a desirable and economically beneficial access.
Last week Fred Salinas, the owner of Friendly Ford in Crosby, got a delight in his mail that he shared with the Star-Courier. The letter from Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) advised him that his property was near the proposed project. The letter indicates that construction of the proposed project would begin in the summer of 2012 and would take about 12 months to complete. “No detours or new right-of-way will be needed for these improvements.”

“I think this wonderful news for the entire community,” said Salinas, “I am glad that TXDoT is doing the right thing for this area and we at Friendly Ford all in favor of this proposal. I hope that the community will join with us and find it to our mutual advantage to have this proposal come into being.”
The new off ramp puts traffic off U.S. 90 in time to turn at FM 2100 for all of the businesses at the U.S. 90 and FM 2100 interchange.

Change in disposition
of Overpass
The Overpass of FM 2100 at the railroad tracks between Kernohan St. and Live Oak Dr. has been delayed again this time due to seeking a company that can build it.
According to the TXDoT Media Relations Spokesperson, “TxDOT awarded this contract to South Coast Construction in September 2010 and construction was projected to start in March 2011 relative to on-going utility and right of way relocations. Prior to the commencement of construction South Coast has been determined unable to deliver, TxDOT is working with their bonding company to obtain another contractor for the project.”
When asked if there a change in the projected start construction date in August, they answered,
“Once the bonding company has selected a contractor to perform the work, work will likely begin within two months.”
Has there been a withdrawal of the Letting of FM 2100 Overpass? They answered “no.”
Has there been a change in funding for that overpass? The answer was “no.”
It seems FM 2100 traffic will still be stalled at the railroad tracks for a little while longer but the project is still to be constructed as proposed.