McCollum Park plans moving forward

The Chambers County Commissioners Court gave their consent to a long-awaited plan for revitalizing and improving McCollum Park in Beach City during their meeting Aug. 23.

The park, which has been chained and padlocked ever since Hurricane Ike in 2008, has been in need of repair for some time, and those repairs will begin shortly. Plans include the replacement of grass, maintenance of trees, and possibly replacing the existing play structures.

A new list of rules and regulations are now in place as well. A 30-minute parking limit will be imposed on each vehicle that uses the new road leading into McCollom Park. Originally the commissioners had intended to prohibit any sort of vehicle traffic within the park area.

The erosion barrier in the park is also off limits, according to the new rules. That means no skateboards, bikes or other playing on the barrier is prohibited, in order to protect against accidents.

Drinking alcohol or any liquid in a glass container is not allowed, except for baby food and baby bottles. Also prohibited are fireworks, firearms and riding an animal through the park grounds. There is also no soliciting of food or other goods allowed in the park.

Camping in the park will be allowed with written permission, and pets can accompany their owners as long as they have a leash.

For more information on McCollum Park, contact Precinct 4 Commissioner Rusty Senac at 281-383-2011.