Crosby ISD to hire new coach in Feb.

CROSBY – According to Superintendent Dr. Keith Moore the local school district intends to hire a new Athletic Director and Head Football Coach (one in the same position) early this coming February.

Crosby ISD will be taking applications until Dec. 16 for the position to be vacated by Coach Kevin Flanigan.

Thus far, according to Dr. Moore more than 100 applicants have posted for the position.

Applications will be reviewed over the holidays and by the first week of January, according to Dr. Moore, the first round of review will begin.

Preliminary interviews will begin and by the second week of January a list of candidates will begin being reviewed. By the January 23 board meeting plans are to have some solid candidates listed to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

“This is an open position we are looking at guys in the district as well as several states away to fill this position with a qualified applicant.” said Moore.

The plan is to put forth a candidate from the applicants by February 1, he indicated.

“I feel confident that we will come up with a well qualified applicant and we plan to put him to work on February 1.” Moore answered.

According to Moore, Crosby is “an attractive position, it has a single middle school that the kids come from so a coach can review their progress. There is great athletic and community support for the programs in this community.