County Pct. 2 to repave Highlands streets

Harris County Pct. 2 is planning to repave a number of Highlands streets in the next few months, according to Commissioner Jack Morman’s office.

The project is known as Better Streets 2 Neighborhoods, and will cost about $1 million dollars of county funds. Highlands is one of three Pct. 2 neighborhoods to warrant this repaving, according to an on-site assessment by Morman and Roads Director Jack Rodriguez.

These streets have not had any repairs or repaving in over 30 years, and work on them now will protect the precinct’s investment in the future. The asphalt paving is cost effective and will be an overlay, but base repairs or chipping will be done when required, Rodriguez said.

According to Jack Rodriguez, Senior Director for Roads/Bridges/CIP in Pct. 2, Commissioner’s Court will be asked to approve the project at their next session, and the bids will be recieved in February, and paving could start by March, with completion in about 60 days.