Crosby HS awards scholarships to Seniors

Erin Valentine was #1 in the class

Crosby High School held their Scholarship Awards program on Monday night, with Seniors receiving over $1,000,000 in money for further education. In addition, a number of named scholarships, and awards from local organizations were presented during the evening.

The ceremonies were emceed by Dr. Marley Morris, CHS principal. Many outstanding students were honored, and these included the top athletic scholarship to Donny Starks, of $97,492 for football at Kansas State University, and the top Academic Scholarship to the #1 graduating student, Valedictorian Erin Valentine. Ms. Valentine was awarded a total of over $651,000 in scholarships, and has her choice of Georgetown, Harvard, Princeton, and University of Texas Austin.

One sad note to the evening was the fact that several of the awards went to Cody Stephens, who had unfortunately died the day before the ceremonies.

Named scholarships included the following:

Beta Sigma Scholarship, to Heather Dorrance, who was #2 Salutatorian in the class. Ms. Dorrance received a total of $79,600 in scholarships.

Crosby Alumni Scholarship, $2000 scholarships to three students, Caleb Clark, Meghan Richardson, and Taren Slot.

Jared Jamail Scholarships, to Ashley Skinner for $2500, and $2000 to Caleb Clark, Ashley Rachel, Marissa Womington, Luis Chavez, Suhib Abulawi, and Sarah Trippal.

Crosby Fair & Rodeo, seven scholarships of $5000 each to Caleb Clark, Taylor Campbell, Ashley Rachel, Cody Stephens, Ty Bartholow, Heather Dorrance, and Dillon Blackshear.

Other significant scholarships were given by the Barrett Station Civic League, Baylor University, Crosby HS Alumni, Crosby Sports Association, Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept., Highlands Rotary, Houston Baptist University, Houston Endowment, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Knights of Columbus, Texas State University, Walmart, seven athletic scholarships to various universities, and five military scholarships.

There were many other awards, too numerous to list this week, but there will be further coverage and photos in next week’s edition.

Academic Honor Awards were presented by various departments of the high school, and other scholarships given by the American Legion, UIL Scholars, and awards for Honor Roll and Attendance.

Dayne Robins gave special recognition to the Top 10% in the graduating class, and Dr. Cap Roder called out the names of the Top 10 graduating Seniors.

The auditorium was filled with parents and students honoring the accomplishments of these seniors.