New exit from US90 to FM 2100

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – TXDoT is making plans for a new exit from U.S. 90 westbound onto the westbound feeder road that runs onto FM 2100.

When the Star-Courier first carried the story of Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) intending to build a new exit ramp into Crosby from U.S. 90 from the westbound side the intended location at that time was to be where Friendly Ford of Crosby’s western-most entrance is now located. Since that time, many local folks have pointed out what appears to be the construction of a ramp onto F.M. 2100 on that westbound side.

Well, according to correspondence with TXDoT, they are not yet out of the planning phase for that exit.

“This project adds a new exit ramp just west of Krenek Rd.  It will connect from the existing US 90 westbound main lanes to the existing westbound frontage road.

 This project also moves the existing entrance ramp, currently just west of Krenek Road further west, to the east of FM 2100.  This new entrance ramp will connect from the existing westbound frontage road to the existing westbound main lanes.  Nothing in this project connects directly to FM 2100.

This project is to be let in June. It takes about sixty days for contractors to mobilize.

 Sixty days after the June 2012 letting should make a start date in early August 2012.  Six months of barricades can be expected, the finish date would end up early February 2013.” according to Danny Perez of TXDoT.

So, whatever is being built there is not the exit ramp, contracts have not been let and the designs are still underway.

Current designs place the exit from U.S. 90 before the entrance and the entrance now will be moved further in the direction of Houston.

Another implication is that a great deal more traffic is being foreseen for the Crosby area about the time that the construction of the railroad overpass of FM 2100 is completed, expected in Summer of 2013. Notice that most county and state agencies undertaking projects estimate conclusion of “better roads” in 2013.