Rodriguez trial continues to sentencing phase

HOUSTON– As reported by the Star-Courier in its June 21st edition, a jury found Raul Rodriguez of Huffman guilty of the murder of his neighbor, Kelly Danaher, and the shooting of two others at a party next to his house. Rodriguez had felt that the party was too loud, and confronted the neighbors with a gun, video camera and flashlight, reportedly to quiet them down.

The trial verdict came on Wednesday, June 13 and after that was to continue with testimony to determine the punishment phase for Mr. Rodriguez.

However, due to scheduling conflicts the conclusion of the trial was postponed until this week, and resumed on Monday.

Rodriguez could be sentenced from 5 years to life in prison, and on Monday his family was testifying as to good aspects of his character. Prior to the break last week, the jury heard negative reports about Rodriguez, concerning bullying, child abuse, and animal cruelty, and now must decide his fate.

A decision on his sentence is expected this week, but was not available at press time.